Blue Lagoon and Kuang Si Waterfalls

The day after my tubing adventure katie and I rented motorbikes to go see the Blue Lagoon before I had to head to Luang Probang.
It was a simple enough ride about 30 min or so. When we got there the lagoon itself was so beautiful. Although completely PACKED with tourists and locals trying to stay cool. It was slightly misting out so i didn't necessarily want to go in the water but I was there so might as well right?! Ive been to the blue lagoon in Iceland and it was magical. This blue lagoon was beautiful in its own way. Had it not been full of people and vendors it may have been more relaxing. Still beautiful none the less.

My last stop in Laos was Luang Probang. Here I saw the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. In the midst of the limestone jungle an hour outside Luang Probang lies the Kuang Si Falls. Legend has it that a wise old man summoned the water by digging into the earth. Then a golden deer made its home under a rock protruding from under the new waters. That’s where the name Kuang Si comes from: kuang means deer, and si means dig.
The falls itself is 60 meters high and flows out into 3 to 4 tiers of pools. Some you're able to swim in but the main one underneath the falls you are not. Good thing, I wanted no selphie takers to ruin this amazing view.
 After I hiked to the main fall I went back down to cool off in one of the pools. This is just another one of the MANY world heritage sites I have visited so far in Southeast Asia, and deservingly so.