Valentina & Teddy Take the Stage

When I say Ive been photographing these two little girls forever, I quite literally mean since before they were born! Watching Teddy and V grow into the most bright and bubbly little personalities has been amazing. At our latest session I came over to their house to "hang out" during their school vacation. Immediately the girls were playing dress up and grabbing the microphones. Teddy was singing Frozen at the top of her lungs and Valentina quite enjoyed taking photos with her camera (a girl after my own heart). A couple pig piles -on each other and on me- and we were laughing the whole shoot. Being able to capture the true epitome of their personalities is why I love my job. These are the moments you want to share with your family and friends. These are the photographs you want to have on your walls so you can remember them as they once were.