Packing for 6 weeks in South East Asia

If you know me, then you know that I have difficulties packing anything less than the largest suit case I can find stuffed to the 50lb max just to go away for a weekend. So what business does a girl like that have trying to travel to asia for 6 weeks with just a 40liter backpack? Any Me either. The reality of it is traveling for extended periods of time, backpacking is really the only way. Economically and physically. Who wants to roll a suitcase up the coast of Vietnam or in the long tail boats in Thailand. Not me. I had to buckle down and be practical and only take the necessities. And even after I thought I had it to the bare minimum I had to take items away. All said and I done, I still think I have too much. So lets take a look whats in the bag. 

Im squeezing in 6 different countries, all ending out their shoulder season. So weather can be unpredictable. One thing I know for sure, is it's going to be HOT. Like 95 hot, with lots of humidity.  I also know I am not Kansas anymore. Dorothy needs to cover up when going to temples. So on that note I had to pack light materials and also a few items to cover legs and shoulders to be respectful. This was my first go at packing. Everything in that picture ended up in these packing cubes.

(excuse the crappy iPhone photo)

(excuse the crappy iPhone photo)

At first thought I believed I was the packing champ. Patted myself on the back and was ready to hit the hay. Well then I tried to put that into my backpack. Ha. So lets just cut to the chase. The largest and smallest packing cubes in these pictures ultimately had to go. Which meant I had to cut down on things I hoped I wouldn't need. Of course I waited till 10pm the night before I left to start packing. 

Here is what I ended up with
1 pair of jean shorts
1 pair of black shorts
1 pair of workout shorts
1 pair of asian pants (i call them elephant pants)
1 pair of white linen pants
5 tank tops
1 kimono (to cover shoulders)
1 maxi dress
1 nicer LBD (little black dress) ((great for any night I might need to dress up))
2 bathing suits
1 turkish towel (shout out to Kayla for that)((it has my name on it.. score))
10 pairs of unds because
2 bras
1 sports bra
1 pair of toms
1 pair of dressier sandals
1 pair of teva walking sandals

Non clothing items
15in macbook pro
Canon 5d mark III w/ 35mm and 50mm lens
go pro hero4
travel tripod
go pro selphy stick.. because duh. 
portable charger
outlet converter
eye mask
ear plugs
scuba diving mask
various toiletry items
bug repellent and repellant bracelets

A lot can fit in that little bag but even then I wish I could have managed to pack less. I would like room to pick things up along the way especially in Hoi An, Vietnam where they have tailors on every corner. Custom made maxi dress for the tall gal in Asia, yes please. 


So here you have it. Im off. Currently on my longggg layover in Moscow. It's cold here, and snowing. Tomorrow ill be dying of heat. What a roller coaster. I fly into Thailand but will most likely immediately leave and head to Vietnam to start my adventure. From there its Laos and then back to Thailand to meet Paul. It was tough leaving him at the airport. He's definitely my best friend and my support system. Cant wait to adventure with him. From Thailand I go to Cambodia, Singapore then Indonesia. Follow me for the next 6 weeks for much better pictures than seen here! 

Now what am I going to do for the next 5 hours of my layover..