Cam & Adriana | Engaged

After a seeminly never ending winter and a practically non existent spring, I met with Adi and Cam in Providence on one of the warmest days yet. Don't worry, Im certainly not complaining. Especially after seeing the results of these photographs. Swooning over here!

2017 Top Wedding & Engagement Photos

With my 2018 wedding season starting a tad early this year (tomorrow), I decided I should probably post my top wedding and engagement photos from 2017. I am so thankful for all my amazing couples and could not be happier to share these incredible memories with you all! Thank you all for a wonderful season! Cheers!

Elizabeth & Khiem | Engaged

AHHH, do I LOVE love!! I love dancing in the middle of a field, long passionate embraces, quick nose kisses and laughing until you cry. I love that I get to experience this not only in my relationship but all my couples who invite me to witness theirs. Like these two- Elizabeth and Khiem, a more perfect match has never been made! We had so much fun at their engagement session that I am just itching to get to their wedding already! Enjoy!