Top Engagement and Wedding Photos of 2018

If you read my previous blog then you know that I believe 2018 has been my best year yet! If you didn’t read my last blog then read that next for my best portrait and lifestyle photos. But this blog is ALL about the LOVE! I pride myself on being able to connect with my couples on a level that I am truly able to capture their personality and love! I have always believed in capturing natural reactions with authentic emotion. This year my couples loved with a love that was greater than any before! Fall in love with my couples and their photos just as I have. Thank you to every couple that allowed me to tell your story and be a part of one of the most important days of your lives! Thank you 2018, you were incredible!

Cam & Adriana | Engaged

After a seeminly never ending winter and a practically non existent spring, I met with Adi and Cam in Providence on one of the warmest days yet. Don't worry, Im certainly not complaining. Especially after seeing the results of these photographs. Swooning over here!